United Kingdom; 12, September 2014: Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival in the world. It is characterised by winter and snow due to most of the countries in the northern hemisphere. Christian dominated countries like the UK go to great extents to make every Christmas experience special. This year, preparation is underway for a unique and completely new type of Christmas celebration. It has been named The Magical Journey, which is going to be an adventurous ride for participants of all ages across a manmade park with a number of interesting features.

The Magical Journey will provide first-of-its-kind experience of enjoying Christmas with Santa Claus. Special preparation is underway for the development the adventure park where the magical journey will take place. It is an initiative of The Belfry Hotel & Resorts in association with Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen. The tour will be operated daily from Saturday, 22nd November to Wednesday, 24th December from 10 in the morning to 8 at night. The features of the park have been thoughtfully planned to make The Magical Journey as inclusive for visitors as possible. Since there will be appropriate seating and strolling arrangement for children as well as old aged, everyone is welcome to visit Santa in Birmingham.

The Magical Journey is said to be a new and memorable Christmas in Birmingham for all. It will feature Reindeer Christmas Tree Glade, where visitors will come to know about the missing reindeer. The search for the deer constitutes the journey and visitors will go through Father Christmas’ Museum, Mrs Claus’ Kitchen, Simon Cowelf’s Academy, The Magical Cafe and The Christmas Market for it. The museum has Christmas oriented items while Mrs Claus tells a story in her kitchen. Visitors can buy interesting things at the market. Then, Santa’s Express Train leaves from Snowflake Station to Uncle Holly’s Hut. The next phase of the unique Christmas experience features The Magical Gates leading to The Enchanted Forest and the North Pole HQ.

The entry to The Magical Journey is strictly based on advanced booking, and tickets will not be sold from the day the wonderland opens. Visitors will have ample choices in food and drinks that can be purchased at the beginning or at the end of the journey. People spend days out at Christmas but this journey requires a minimum of 1 hour and 20 minutes. However, a few hours may be required for an immersive experience, depending upon how much time visitors want to spend at the market and cafe.

About The Magical Journey:

Website: http://www.magicaljourney.co.uk/

The Magical Journey is an adventurous ride through a manmade park that is under development. The Belfry Hotel & Resort has initiated this Christmas celebration in association with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The preparation is in progress in Birmingham, and the wonderland will open in late November.