China - The working environments of the Paper machine are normally humid and high temperature and these situations will also be accompanied by some equipment shock. Therefore, the selection of lubricant should be mainly considered its performance of anti-emulsification, water resistance, heat resistance, oxidation stability and load performance. Now, the engineer from famous China Paper mill machinery supplier will introduce with people the lubricated characteristics of these machines.

The lubrication points on the paper machine, in principle, are closed. The bearings from that wet section of the paper machine to the press section of this machine are totally sealed which could avoid the waterproof and grease overflow that will lead to cross-contamination. For the lubricated points of wet part of the paper machines, the supplement of the lubricated grease rely the manual methods. As the high temperature of dry section of the Paper mill machinery , it should usually adopt the central lubrication station where will pressure lubrication and cooling oil around the bearings.

The lubrication station of dry section of the paper machine could be usually the standard generic models which should be best have better performance in the oil filter and oil temperature control capability. If this station own magnetic filter and thermostat control, it will be more appropriate. The oil transportation amount of lubrication oil station should be typically calculated by cooling needs of these lubrication points.

The lubricated oil supplying for the bearing housing of the dry section of the paper machine should rely on the adjustable multi-fuel injector, which is also known as oil dripping valve that could allows the oil into the bearing has right amount and sustained supplying. This oiler is very suitable and reliable for the manually adjusted fuel supplying system.

For the new high-speed widely paper machine, all main bearing of the wet section of this machine are also lubricated with a central station for centralized automatic lubrication. In such systems, the wet and dry section of paper machine all has their own central lubrication station and they are unified controlled and managed by an automatic control system. Its oil injection amount of all these lubrication points are controlled by a small metering pump which is driven by micro motor. The core part of the automatic control system should be the high tech computer system or other software.

Overall speaking, the structure of paper machine is very complicated and the related lubricated work should also let each operator pay enough attention. The engineer from famous China paper machine supplier hope each of their consumer could get more beneficial from this article.


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