There is nothing that expresses a woman's personality quite like her wallet. A wallet is strictly a hard-working article, but the way a woman keeps it, carries it, and fills it says a lot about her character. Moreover, if she chooses a functional yet stylish Louis Vuitton wallet , then her good taste and good sense are apparent. Here are three top LV women's wallet styles from Australia Online StoreX .

1. The Zippy Wallet. This is a style that is popular with women everywhere. This no-fuss design features a zipper closure that goes all around the wallet, making it one of the most secure designs in the LV collection. The zipper also helps keep the wallet flat and compact so that it does not change its shape and remains easy to slip into a lady's handbag even when it's a bit full. The Zippy comes in several sizes, from a cute little coin purse that's perfect for storing some folded bills and coins for quick errands to a large organizer-sized version that's perfect for travelling.

2. The Insolite. This wallet owes its popularity to its ultra-modern, sleek design. The Insolite has a section that's securely closed with a couple of zips as well as an outer flap that closes with a couple of snap buttons. This makes the Insolite a hybrid between a really large wallet or a really small clutch. This means that this model is extraordinarily versatile, especially in a material like the Damier Ebene or the Monogram Canvas. If the Insolite wallet can also double as a wristlet with the purchase of a Louis Vuitton key chain.

3. The Sarah. This is the Louis Vuitton wallet for traditionalists, or those women who would like a very convenient and simple design. The wallet has a simple envelope look and is fastened with a snap closure. It allows easy access to cards and cash, thanks to its many convenient card slots and several compartments to hold paper bills and small essential documents like receipts.

These well-loved wallets come in several different materials such as the Monogram Canvas, two types of Damier, the Vernis, and the Epi.

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