Summer is a time when women all over the world get ready to let their hair down and go on an adventure. There is a reason why summer flings are extra special; they allow a girl to push her limits and imagine for a while that everything is indeed possible. Of course, a girl needs the right handbag for the adventure of a lifetime and there's no better choice this summer than a  Louis Vuitton tote  .  Designer Outlet Sale  features three lovely new Louis Vuitton tote bags for Summer 2013.

Summer 2013 bag designs take their inspiration from the colors that come out so vividly during the season: the blue of the sea and sky, the white of clouds and cotton summer dresses, and the pink that you find on young women's cheeks and on wildly blooming hibiscus. These colors appear in the floral ikat print that's an integral part of all the following designs that LV has for its fans this summer.

1. The Neverfull. The Neverfull is the quinetessential summer bag, and this year it comes in Monogram Canvas with straps and handles in pink and blue. Its lined in floral ikat fabric to match the leather trim, and it also has the ¡°Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage¡± stamp as one of its most prominent features.

2. The Noefull. This ingenious little number is a fusion of the Neverfull bag and the Noe. At first glance, it appears like a simple Noe bag in floral fabric with pink and blue leather trim. But when the drawstrings are loosened, this versatile bag expands into a Neverfull. This versatile bag should prove to be the ultimate vacation companion.

3. The Cabas. The Cabas tote is a romantic dream in Monogram Vernis Ikat. It comes in blue and rose pink designs variants. The bright colors are perfectly complementedby vachetta leather handles. This patent leather bag is soft and quite romantic. This tote is definitely a keeper. It is going to look beautiful even when summer is long gone, thanks to the graceful effect created by its felicitous combination of shape and color.

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