Moscow - Recently, there is the very remarkable news from the blog of professional China led high bay manufacturer and supplier ZMM group. This news is related to the pleasant development for LED lighting products market in Russia. Now, please carefully read this news from this famous led high bay fixtures manufacturer.

According to the official data and statistics from Russian Federation and their National Bureau, the LED lighting production volume of them has been increased nearly 1.5 times at 2013. According to predictable plan, they will build more new capacity for these LED lighting products within the next few years. Overall speaking, it could be predicted that the LED products especially the industrial used led high bay lights could be expected to continue to grow in Russia. This should be very good news for each LED lighting manufacturer around the world.

When it refers to the LED lamps importing, according to the conditions of Russia¡¯s accession to the World Trade Organization, the tariffs of these LED lamps such as led high bay retrofit will gradually decrease to zero tariffs by 2015. This measurement could not only reduce the average price of LED lamps importing, but also could lead to the increasing of the importing volume of these LED products. However, according to the analyst and estimate from editor of famous LED high bay lights seller, with the increasing of Russian domestic production for LED high bay lights and other sorts of related products, the import dependence of LED lighting market in Russia will be gradually reduced. That is to say, each manufacturer in this industry should take advantage of this opportunity within recent years.

The prediction of editor from famous China supplier also said other things about the development trend of this market in Russia. Within the coming years, with the improvement of LED lighting penetration, the market will continue to maintain a high growth rate by the SELLING NUMBER of LED lighting products. On the contrary, the average market price will have very greatly falling as the development and improvement of the production for these products . This kind of situation will be resulting in the value of the form market growth become lower and lower.

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