The Law Offices of David Maxwell have made it simple to obtain information and representation for money matters and other family and personal issues with the launch of its new website at . Attorney David Maxwell has more than 30 years experience in legal matters, with a background that includes service in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in the U.S. Air Force. He is admitted to practice law in Florida as well as in U.S. Supreme Court, U.S District Court and the U.S. Court of Military Appeals. Maxwell’s Orlando, Florida, firm specializes in cases relating to finances as well as personal injury and family matters.

Areas of Practice

Bankruptcy - Chapters 7 and 13: Attorney David Maxwell can help bankruptcy filings as well as determining which Bankruptcy Code may be most appropriate for a specific situation.

Wills, Estates and Trusts: Setting up wills, estates and trusts can have a major bearing on a family’s financial future and the Law Offices of David Maxwell can help explain and establish the protection a family needs.

Mortgage and Foreclosure Defense: Defending a home can mean staving off predatory lenders, high-cost loans, fraud and other illicit practices. Laws are in place to protect consumers, and Maxwell ensures those laws are upheld.

Probate: Probate refers to the settling of a decedent’s financial affairs, and Maxwell can help ensure the Florida Probate Code is upheld during the process.

Divorce: A Florida divorce, now known as “dissolution of marriage,” can involve myriad legal issues, all of which can be handled by Maxwell’s firm.
Family Immigration: The Law Offices of David Maxwell can help determine eligibility for becoming a lawful, permanent resident of the U.S. and follow through with the proper procedures needed to make that happen.

Accidents and Personal Injury: Maxwell’s firm handles cases involving motor vehicle accidents as well as other cases resulting in personal injury.

Florida Attorney David Maxwell’s new website provides additional information on bankruptcy, wills, estates, trusts, mortgage and foreclosure defense as well as on his other areas of practice. The site, which is powered by Avvo, also features client reviews, a news and information blog and connectivity to Maxwell firm’s social media sites. Visitors can also obtain contact information for setting up a free consultation for issues handled by the Orlando firm -