19, October 2016: Top 10 Criminal Check is launching a top 10 criminal check review site that is dedicated to offering clients a one-stop shopping solution for any company or individual interested in finding the best background check service. Whether you are hiring an employee or a new nanny, it is necessary to conduct a background check. Studies show that 85% of applicants lie about their additional skills, 58% lie about dates of employment while 53% lie about previous responsibilities or positions. However, with so many providers offering this essential service, many people are not sure about which service provider to choose. This new background check review website seeks to make the decision-making the process easier.

The main objective of this Top 10 background check review site is to present reliable, independent information on the best service providers in the background check industry. The reviews are comprehensively researched and well written to provide users a clear view of the features and benefits of using each service provider. By focusing on the main needs of employers, this background check review site helps to develop useful, unbiased and thorough content for the benefit of its users.

Why a Background Check is Important

A bad hire has far-reaching negative effects on employers, particularly in terms of finances, time and reputation. Research shows that over 77% of businesses lose large amounts of money carrying out re-recruitment drives due to bad hires. Additionally, companies also suffer extensive financial losses after hiring dishonest employees because of low competencies (56%), lack of proper diligence (28%), increased spending on extra training (30%), attendance problems and also employee theft (10%). There is a high demand for background check services to help prevent these negative effects.

In determining the best background check site, this review website takes the first-hand approach researching the marketplace to assess the best options for consumers. All the background check sites listed on the review site offer valuable and clear consumer benefits. Most importantly, the review site is fully committed to complete transparency and clarity in how they come up with their top 10 lists and also how they present advice and information. By using the different background check services personally, the reviews identify and evaluate the most important attributes and features of top service providers. Additionally, the reviews are updated regularly to make sure they continue offering relevant information.

The site manager commented:

“Extensive thought and research have gone into how we designed our top 10 background check review site, such that all our users can find and get in touch with the right service providers quickly. The site uses a responsive design that is easily navigable from any device, which makes identifying and contacting the best background check website as straightforward as possible.”

“Our aim is to ensure employers are hiring their best candidates for the job. We want to give people access to the best background check resources so that they can make more informed decisions. Whether it is a position that requires high trust or for security reasons, we have compiled the best background check websites to help you get started with this important process.”

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