USA - Compared with other secondary battery technology, the lithium-ion battery has the advantages of more lighter, cheaper and higher energy density. And it has become the main form of rechargeable batteries, which the application is from the cell phones, laptops to cars and various items of business jets. However, we usually use this kind of battery in our daily life such us our smart phone battery and our laptop batteries which are all belong to the Li-batteries. 

Although the laptop battery such as the HP Laptop Battery is very common in our life, they also have serious problem. They are not only have the trouble of short-circuit, but also could catch fire and exploding. An America user has faced the problem of the explosion of the laptop battery in his notebook. Today, the laptop battery website would describe with you the detail about this problem. 

This website is the professional laptop battery seller online who has sold the Dell Laptop Battery, Acer Laptop Battery and other famous brand of batteries.The reason why there will be an explosion tendency for the lithium-ion battery is that it is has a dangerous process which is called the thermal runaway. This process would lead to the fire and explode of the laptop battery. In essence, the process of thermal runaway is an energy positive feedback loop process. 

As we all know, the elevated temperature will result in the increasing of the system heats. The temperatures of the system would become higher. Thermal runaway is a very common phenomenon and we could find this phenomenon from the concrete curing to the large number of physical and chemical processes in the stellar explosions. 

The explosion of the Dell Laptop Battery such as the HP Laptop Battery and the Dell Laptop Battery is the normal reflection of this principle. Whatever the reason it is, the cobalt oxide is the main reaction chemical among the battery chemicals. 

The expert from the website we have said before has explained that if you heat the chemicals and reach to a certain temperature. It would begin to self-heating and then develop into a fire and an explosion. In some case, such an organic electrolyte would release the pressure which will cause the rupture of the laptop battery. 

If the laptop battery is been exposed to the high temperature environment, it may also burning or exploding.But you would also do not need to worry too much. Your notebook is not a ticking time bomb. We need only do some maintenance work regular, the lithium-ion battery will be safe and reliable working. The life of the Lithium-ion battery is not long and it could generally maintain two to three years. 

Because of this reason, all of the laptop batteries pack should be changed within about every 36 months. Moreover, whenever the charge volume is reduced to 50 percent of the total volume, you should recharge it as soon as possible. 

As we all know, the Acer Laptop Battery does not have the memory effect but the lowest voltage will damage them seriously.

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