The Journey gets tougher on Woodland’s presents Big SwitchSeason 4!


This week, at the Big Switch Basecamp, surprises await the rick brats as they prep up for this season. Just that these surprises come with a twist, which for them is not that pleasant! The Raeeszade are finding it extremely tough to adjust to the crackling winters of Himanchal. No blankets, no heaters, the excruciating weather and most importantly NO HOT WATER!


There are no free meals either,for these Raeeszades anymore - they want Hot water, they'll have to earn the bucks! A price for a basic necessity will strip them of their most cherished belonging to gain the basics for survival - theone bucket of hot water.


The Brats wake up next morning to the freezing temperatures, realizing that the basics are now necessities, which they have to earn. They set out on their first job to earn their necessity- Blanket. To their surprise, the Big Brother has set out a difficult task of Road Construction, which is not only their first task but the first task of the season!


The brats are all set to sweat it out in the sun, work like laborers,they will not only face the extreme weather and toil in hardships, but will also have to survive through the different challenges the job puts them through. Do these Rich brats agree to job? Will these rich brat give-up or will they take a step ahead and prove to the world that, if the time comes, they can earn their penny!


Will they agree to survive the tough conditions this week or Quit?Tune in to watch Woodland Presents Big Switch 4, on 20th January 2013, at 7pm Sunday, only on bindass!




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