Remember the old days when you had to walk into your local library and government office to do some research…those days have been gone for a while now.  Edward Palonek, the founder of, says that “helping people find unclaimed money since 1995, by developing an exclusive and diversified database system that allows individuals to search for unclaimed money across North America.  

In the United States alone, there are over four hundred billion dollars in unclaimed funds, in dormant bank accounts and other institutions, these belonging to individuals who are unaware of it.  Globally the amount is in the trillions. Millions accounts and millions of dollars are sitting in every US state waiting to be claimed.  There are a vast variety of unclaimed money and asstest which include: pensions, money orders, stocks, utility deposits, bank accounts, insurance and more.

The Internet now allows individuals to search their names to see if they are someone they know has unclaimed money in one of the dormant accounts in the luxury of their home.
According to Edward Palonek, “Many accounts represent quite substantial sums of money, for instance, people have found uncashed checks or pension funds of deceased parents or relatives that have yet to be claimed.  No matter how long the money has been gathering dust you can claim what is rightfully yours”.

It is never too late to start searching for those for those lost and forgotten accounts, “you may be richer than you think”.

On Oprah Winfrey “Money you didn‘t know you had”, Edward Palonek successfully helped people locate thousands of dollars for some lucky people in the studio audience.