16, May 2015: Every year, a large number of people has to hire a solicitor in order to administer their probate. For many, applying for probate seems to be a daunting task and they also pay for the solicitor’s fee. Now, The Inheritance Guide created an online system where the probate application process is simple, free and effortless and one can rest assured of a quick grant, without the need of hiring a solicitor.

The spokesperson of The Inheritance Guide reveals that probates are neither complicated nor any special knowledge is required in order to administer them. However, they offer the complete information and guidance that one may need to apply for probate. Besides knowledge, the helpful support and guidance is also available to each applicant, applying through their online system. They have three simple steps for each applicant to follow and complete the application process.

The online system automatically calculates the probate forms one may need for the grant. All forms are automatically completed and one needs not to bother about filling them individually. The system also recommends any additional services that one may require for estate planning and administration. Once the applicant has the grant of probate, the system helps in managing the disbursements and also provides the necessary guidance, allowing the person to efficiently distribute the estate.

The Inheritance Guide makes the task of obtaining probate simple, secure and hassle-free. The system provides the applicant with a complete control on the process and saves his/her time and money. The Inheritance Guide never charges a single penny for their services. One can use their online system for free. However, one can donate voluntarily, if they value the services and convenience offered by The Inheritance Guide.

The Inheritance Guide was set up to make the daunting task of probate application people-friendly, time-saving as well as affordable. Without any legal help, one can complete the probate application process, and The Inheritance Guide provides people with the complete support and guidance to finish the application process with confidence. Anyone willing to complete the probate application process on their own can access the online application system on the website http://www.theinheritanceguide.com/

About The Inheritance Guide:

The Inheritance Guide has developed a clever online system that breaks down estate administration into simple, bite size chunks. This enables people to unlock Probate at their convenience and benefit from the support offered by the website. In addition to Probate, they also provide customers with choice, support and guidance on a wide range of estate management processes including, the disposal of assets, Will writing, inheritance and later life planning. They deliver this by teaming up with reputable, trusted partners who are on hand to provide these services if and when someone needs them.