China - It can be seen that the scale and level of advanced manufacturing is the measurement of a country's comprehensive strength and the degree of modernization flag. Almost all of contemporary economically developed countries are the most developed countries in the manufacturing industry. In the face of fierce international competition, if we want to make our country change from a big country into a developed manufacturing country, we must be implemented strategy which is let the information technology stimulate industrialization of our country. The most important point is that the instrumentation industry is the most important part of the manufacturing industry. The flow meter is the typical example in this area. If it has the absence of the support of state-of-the-art flow meter industry, it is impossible for us to accomplish the task of our development.

Today, the engineer from the Abest Technology, which is a China manufacturer for the Portable flow meter and clamp on flow meter  , would discuss with us about the importance of the instrumentation industry especially the flow meter industry. If you want to have more information about this, you could browse which is the official website of Abest Meter.As we all know, the instrumentation especially the digital flow meter is the necessary equipment in industrial production. They could play the important role in the industrial production. In scientific research, the instrumentation is the "vanguard.

The scientific research would not be carried out apart from the scientific instruments such as the clamp on flow meter. In other area such as the military research, the instrumentation is the important combat force. From the information of, we could find that the modern instrumentation play the role of materialized judge in today's society. The Analyzing for product testing, environmental pollution monitoring, checking for the prohibited items and waste water, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and hydroxides are all rely on the scientific instruments especially for the ultrasonic flow meter.

The development level of the instrumentation especially for the digital flow meter  is an important manifestation of the level of national science and technology and comprehensive national strength. On the other hand, the level of the instrumentation manufacturing could reflect the degree of civilization of a country.

Nowadays, the degree of automation of our country is not very high, most of them are semi-automatic and even there are still someone use the manual inspection method especially for the fluid testing area. If we want to keep pace with the developed countries, we need to absorb the new technology such as the ultrasonic flow meter to improve our labor productivity so as to improve our position in the world.

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