Remote Desktop for Windows 7 or even for Windows Vista is not enabled by default. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enable it, go ahead and turn it on once again. And if you want to now access your PC from somewhere else, you can go ahead and use RDP for the same, but ensure that the remote access for your PC is first switched on or enabled and then go ahead and do the needful. For professional, ultimate and business versions of Windows, remote access if included by default and enabled too. But for home editions you wouldn’t find this feature enabled, so get it now.


And for that you would need to go to the page which says “configuration”, and right click on the “my computer” icon. Then go ahead and choose “properties” or what you can do is go to the “Start menu” search box and type “system”, click “ok” and the entry would come up. And then click “remote settings” which would be on the left side which means you are now one step closer to activating Remote Desktop access. When you want to connection from Win 7 or a Win Vista PC to the same networking device, the bottom radio button should be clicked. And if you want to connect RDP from the XP or Win2k machine, all you have to do is to click “Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop” , which would be a radio button again, and the job is done.


Thanks to Remote Desktop, you now can have any connection made with the help of your web browser these days. And to get that activated and running for you, you need to point to the browser you use and configure it with Remote Desktop Web Connect. You would then have to get the ActiveX control downloaded and then get a connection made with Win XP based server through remote access.


RDP can be enabled by doing the following;

1.            Go to START and click on CONTROL PANEL

2.            Then go to ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS and double click on that

3.            Then click on ADD/REMOVE WINDOWS COMPONENTS

4.            Then click on INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICES

5.            Then click on DETAILS

6.            Then click on WORLD WIDE WEB SERVICE

7.            Then click on DETIALS

8.            Choose REMOTE DESKTOP WEB CONNECTION and then click on OK

9.            On the INTERNET INFORMATION SERVICES screen click OK

10.          And finally, click NEXT which would appear on the WINDOWS COMPONENT WIZARD screen.

To get the whole Remote Desktop concept updated, you should do the following

1.            First click on START

2.            Then click on CONTROL PANEL

3.            Then click on ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS

4.            Then click on ADD/REMOVE WINDOWS COMPONENTS

5.            Then click on DETAILS

6.            And then select “WORLD WIDE WEB SERVICE” check the box, and then click on DETIALS once again. Now click on RDP or if there is Remote Desktop Connection, and finally click on OK.

We hope you now have the access for Remote Desktop and would be able to benefit from it.

Learn how remote desktop and RDP can improve your company fortunes.