Asbestos is a killer and most people don’t even know this fact. Every year, more than 5,000 workers are killed because of asbestos. But this is not the most chilling fact - when asbestos is damaged, it releases fibres in the air, which when inhaled can cause deadly diseases like lung cancer, pleural thickening, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Hence, if you have asbestos in your premises, you should get asbestos surveys Oxfordshire done immediately. The same experts who run these surveys also conduct asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire, another important activity if you are in the presence of asbestos.


It is a great idea to have asbestos surveys Oxfordshire done at your premises so that the asbestos present in your premises can be managed. Apart from this, there are other benefits that you get from these surveys.


  • You get accurate information on where the asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are located, the amount of these materials present and the present condition of the ACMs.
  • You get to understand the level of damaged or deteriorated ACMs and whether you should seek remedial action. Any ACM that requires refurbishment and demolition is also identified.
  • Once you have the information from asbestos surveys Oxfordshire, you can prepare an asbestos register of the asbestos location and create an asbestos plan of your building.


Everyone tends to think from the legal angle when it comes to asbestos surveys Oxfordshire. However, when you have asbestos in your premises, you should get regular surveys done so that the people working in your premises are safe. If there are any issues related to asbestos that cause illnesses or deaths, think of the larger legal issues that you will need to manage. As far as asbestos is concerned, precaution is any day better than cure and this is what you should follow.


As far as asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire is concerned, it is not a legal requirement. However, you will only gain when you opt for such monitoring because any conflict of interest is eliminated through this process and you can also assure that you have the monitoring done in an unbiased manner by an independent third party.


There are different types of asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire that can be conducted for your premises.


  • Air monitoring in the background
  • Air monitoring for reassurance
  • Personal air monitoring
  • Monitoring for leaks
  • Tests for smoke


The four stages of asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire include — 1. A preliminary checking of the condition of your site and checking for completeness of job, 2. Visual inspection, 3. Air sampling for clearance and certification of reoccupation and 4. Final assessment.


Both asbestos surveys Oxfordshire and asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire are extremely critical activities that cannot be ignored at all. You really don’t need to do anything for these surveys and monitoring jobs. Your vendor will let you know about the dos and don’ts of the process and you just need to comply with their requirement. You can even have these jobs planned so that your business as usual is not hampered.


If you have premises where asbestos is present, you must get asbestos surveys Oxfordshire and asbestos air monitoring Wiltshire done at the right intervals.