USA - As we all know, the level and quality of the NHL Jerseys could be divided into many levels such as the NHL Jerseys Replica, Fans version Jerseys, authentic NHL Jerseys, game issued Hockey Jersey and game used Cheap NHL Jerseys. Although you know all of these names, you do not know the real content of these versions of Jerseys. Today, the top quality wholesaler in China which name is Idocheapjersey would teach you the meaning of each version for the Cheap NHL Jerseys China. If you want to find huge selection of excellent jerseys, you could browse the website to find what you want.

The Cheap NHL Jerseys Replica version is commonly known as the replica jersey. This kind of jersey is the cheapest one of the boutique shirts, which priced was at 44.99 dollars. The Replica Cheap NHL Jerseys is characterized by small dense mesh and the jersey number and the name is printed on the jersey by rubber. If you could touch this jersey, you will feel the surface of the NHL Jerseys Cheap is smoothly just like one kind of silk. The whole design of the Replica Cheap NHL Jerseys is relatively simple and the details of the jersey are not reflected. There are many differences between the Cheap NHL Jerseys and the jersey worn by the players on the field.

The Adidas logo is in the upper right corner of the Cheap NHL Jerseys.The Cheap NHL Jerseys in Fans version Jerseys which we also called the Fans version Jerseys. They have the same style with the NHL Jerseys in player version. The fabrics of the jersey are all mesh and single. The number, player name and team name are all embroidery which is sewn up with a needle and thread. The price of one of the Cheap NHL Jerseys is 79.99 dollars. The lower left corner of the jersey has the tag of team logo.

The model number and name is on a same label. These details have the essentially difference with the Replica Cheap NHL Jerseys China. From the total view, the Fans version Jerseys is more realistic. They are not the starter edition Replica and close to the player version jersey. Now, most of the United States fans choose the Fans version Jerseys.The Authentic version which we usually called the player version is the same with the jersey of the players on the field. The Authentic is only designed for fans and the size of Authentic Cheap NHL Jerseys is not large than the jersey of the star. The price of it is at 179.99 dollars. Most of the American fans would not choose such an expensive shirt.

The game issued is the spare Hockey Jersey  which is the jerseys had been hanged in the locker room. The prices of them are generally 1000 to 2000 or more than dollars.

The game used NHL Jerseys China  jersey is the jersey which has been used by the player. This kind of jersey has the highest value of the collection and the price is generally more than 3000 dollars. If you want to have more information about this, you could browse the website

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