United States - The attempt for the use of wind power has already begun as early as the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1930s, Denmark, Sweden, the Soviet Union and the United States has applied the rotor technology of the aviation industry to successfully developed a number of small-scale wind turbine. This kind of small wind generator has been used widely in the windy islands and the remote villages. Its cost of electricity is much lower than the cost of electricity for the small internal combustion engine. However, the amount of power is lower at that time and the number is mostly in the 5 kW.At present, it is understood that the foreign countries have produced the wind generator of 15, 40, 45, 100 and 225 kW.

In January 1978, the United States had built the 200 kW wind power generator system in the town of Clayton, New Mexico. This wind power generator has a rotor diameter of 38 meters the electricity generating capacity could be enough for 60 residential. In the early summer of 1978, the wind power installations which generating capacity is 2 thousands kilowatts had been putted into operation in Jutland West Coast, Denmark. The windmill in this wind generator is 57 meters high and 75 percent of the generating capacity has been sent into the grid.

On the other hand, the remaining supply has been sent to the nearly school.In China, there are also many projects for the  small wind turbine  system. And on the other hand, the manufacturers for the wind power generator are also very much. The Top Wind, which website is  http://www.topwindturbine.com/  , is the one of the respectful and dynamic company in new energy field.

From the research and development over these years, the Top Wind has been produced their wind solar hybrid power system and wind turbine with the world-class quality. At the same time, the Top Wind is also the best wind turbine manufacturer and solar panel manufacturer in China. Now, we will back to the history of the wind turbine. In the first half of 1979, the United States built one of the world's largest top wind turbines in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. The height of this windmill is about 10 stories tall.

When the wind has reached to the speed of more than 38 km, the generating capacity would up to 2000 kW. Due to the hilly areas, the average wind speed of this area is only 29 km. It is estimated that even if only half of the time for the operation of the  wind generator  throughout the year, it can meet the electricity needs of the seven counties in North Carolina.

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