A vanity mirror by Tec.Bean comes with cool blue LED and 7x and 1x available magnifications. This fog resistant 111mm mirror with its 360 degree swivel is perfect addition to any personal hygiene, grooming or make up kit.

Squinting at a mirror, with a blade on the face is not a smart thing to do early morning, or anytime of the day for that matter. The 7x Magnifying LED Vanity Mirror by Tec.Bean provides the perfect solution for both men and women.

The 7x magnification by a 111mm diameter mirror which is surrounded by bright, cool blue LED provides an even illumination. This makes the mirror the perfect viewing equipment for even the most pedantic grooming styles or the most complicated makeup maneuvers.

The mirror is mounted on a swivel which provides full 360 degree rotation about a horizontal axis. The other side of the mirror is of 1x magnification to provide a more realistic perspective of one’s face. The LEDs lighten up this side as well.

Both the mirrors are designed such that the humid air from a hot shower will not fog them. Making this a convenient viewing mirror for exfoliating, flossing and other day-to-day activities when the shower has only recently been turned off. To really show that they pay attention to details, they have adorned the product by giving it a premium chrome finish.

Being a vanity mirror, it is only 7.5 inches tall and 6.3 wide. This makes is quite portable even more useful for someone who travels a lot. The smallness, however, is not quite as apparent when looking at one of its 4.37 inch diameter mirror. The mirror is sturdy and durable with no wires hanging out of it.

The LEDs are powered by 3 AA batteries which are not included with the product. Over all, it is quite a useful eye-candy for one’s dressing table or bathroom. A product which was crafted with as much attention to details and subtlety as to its main features like 7x magnification and LED lighting.

With the 7x magnification mirror, Tec.Bean has shown that simple things of everyday use can be made aesthetically pleasant and with quite a bit of functionality to it. Not surprisingly, it has been rated the best 7x magnifying lighted makeup mirror out there.

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