The greatest Kung Fu legends come together on MOVIES NOW

Watch them as they swing into action in High Definition all this month


National: January promises to be a helluva month for movie lovers. MOVIES NOW pays tribute to the legends of Kung Fu, the Grandmasters who are an inspiration to many. An exciting line up of movies packs a punch for the whole month.


Every Thursday at 9pm, you will come face to face with the highly-charged Grandmasters on your TV screens. A visual treat for the movie buffs, what better way to watch the great stunts than on High Definition?


‘Grandmasters’ will see the likes of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen in the best of Kung Fu master pieces ever made.


The movie fest starts with Enter the Dragon, the most successful merging of both Hong Kong and American cinema in the martial arts film genre till date. What more can be said of the man whom millions consider one of the greatest action stars of all time. From the opening scene to the final fight scene it is Bruce Lee at his best. 


Action and Comedy are a lethal duo if you have Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker kicking in. High on action and laughter isRush Hour 2, the sequel that brings Carter and Lee back and starting off where the first Rush Hour left off - in China. Rush Hour 2 is one of the funniest movies ever made. 


Up next is Jet Li starrer Legend of the Red Dragon, a story of a young father and his infant son beset by forces of evil and corruption. When they are forced into combat, spectacular and hilarious fast-motion Kung Fu sequences follow. This is one movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


Martial Arts fans get a chance to pay homage to the legendary Ip Man, the master of the masters in the next movie in line,Ip Man 2 - a semi-biographical film on the life of Ip Man, who is living under the iron fist of the British colonial rule. Ip Man 2 focuses on action, delivering a steady stream of expertly staged fight scenes.


Grandmasters is sponsored by Knorr and powered by TVS.

 Watch the Grandmasters as they pack a heck of a wallop against the bad guys, spread the message of peace and showcase true valour all this month only on MOVIES NOW.



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