The resurgence of the yellow gold engagement ring will be among the main jewellery trends for the upcoming season, Yahoo! Canada reports in a recent website piece.

The commentary, published in the Shine! section of the search engine’s Canadian homepage, suggests that yellow gold will supplant other traditional materials – such as silver, platinum, or even the perennially popular white gold – and once more capture the fancy of brides the world over.

According to the anonymous feature writer one of the main reasons why gold will once again find itself in demand among brides is next season’s tendency towards yellow hues. With items of clothing, accessories and jewellery all leaning towards autumnal shades, a yellow gold engagement ring is thought to be the perfect accompaniment to a stylish Autumn/Winter outfit.

In fact, gold rings were one of the main inspirations for this interest in the colour yellow on the part of designers, the article states. With vintage and vintage-inspired pieces steadily increasing in popularity — Art Deco rings in particular have experienced a revival — designers have begun to take note of the consumer’s new-found predilection for yellow gold when designing their new collections.

Another strong argument in favour of acquiring a gold engagement ring, according to Yahoo! Canada, is the versatility this material offers. Not only does a band of this type go well with ‘plain’ diamonds in a variety of settings, it can also be paired with a coloured stone — such as an emerald, ruby, sapphire or turquoise — for an exquisite effect. This particular trend, which does also tie in to the vintage craze, is quite popular among celebrities. So brides wanting to feel closer to their favourite film or music star should definitely consider it as an option for their engagement jewels as well.

Yellow gold has been a favourite for ring bands for several decades, due to its mixture of sturdiness, durability and classic visual appeal.

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