China; August 05, 2013: orthopedic devicessuch as external fixator are very common in the orthopedic surgical process. For the function and feature of the external fixator, some people should not know more about the knowledge about this. Today, the sales manager from website of CN Orthopaedic would tell people all of this information. 

The basically function of the external fixator is that it could be used to drill each ends of fracturing bone by a pin or nail. After all of this process, the needle will be fixed to the outer mounting bracket. This method is not one kind of internal fixation or external fixation. However, this kind of methods has played the role which would be much more useful than the past fixation and external fixation. 

For the mainly functions of these external fixator, they could be concluded into these factors below. First, it could maintain a good bone fracture alignment. Second, it could help to extend each ends of the fracturing bone and prolong the length of the fracturing bone. Thirdly, the external fixator could help to promote fracture healing. The properly using of the external fixator could be used for correcting the early angular deformity and rotational deformity of the fracturing bone. 

For the species of the external fixator, it could be concluded into these points. The firstly sort is the single arm external fixator. The second sort is the half ring external fixator. The last kind of external fixator is the full ring type external fixator. These types are all very commonly in the operating of orthopedic surgical. 

On the other hand, there are also many kinds of advantages of external fixation. The expert from CN Orthopedic implants would tell people these advantages one by one. First, the high quality external fixation from CN Orthopedic could help to maintain the alignment and the trauma of this kind of external fixator is very little. Second, it could extend the skeletal traction. On the other hand, it could also help to enhance the fracture pressure which could promote the bone healing. At last, the external fixator can applied for the correcting of the early angular and rotational deformity of the fracturing bones. 

However, all of disadvantages for the external fixator are also very commonly. The understanding for these advantages could help people avoid many mistakes about the orthopedic surgical. The most important factor is the pinhole infections which is more common especially for the big needles. Second, the needle and needle clamp with rod could be easy to loosing and this kind of situation could affect the healing effect. On the other hand, the structure of the retention is complex which has made the handling become inconvenience. 

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