Reviewers are emphatic in pointing out that unlike a number of converter software that require a lot of time and efforts, the latest Free MP4 to VOB Converter completes the conversion process quickly and that for using this tool, users need not put forth any big efforts. They add that the software has a simple interface and converts the files to the chosen formats within minutes.

Reviewers further add that there are a number of features that make this tool very useful for home and also for professional use. Especially, there may be users like professionals who work for the media industry and they may need to convert files from the MP4 to the VOB format and for them, this software is the ideal tool, say the reviewers. Further, the tool supports PAL and NTSC VOB formats and so, it is quite flexible when it comes to compatibility, point out the reviewers.

Reviewers admit that MP4 is known for its quality but the MP4 to VOB Converter has been designed suitably so as to ensure that the quality of the converted files remains in tact. Since the tool has a number of features available, the aim of maintaining the quality in files can easily be achieved, say the reviewers.

Reviewers draw the attention of the users about the batch conversion feature that is available in the MP4 to VOB Converter. They add that this feature will save their time and efforts. Users can, at any time, add or delete files from the conversion list so that only those files that are required can be chosen.

Since the MP4 to VOB Converter has a window, users can check the preview of the converted videos for making necessary changes to the resolution, size, bit rate, etc. for making them better. Once the conversion process is complete, the system shuts down automatically and so, users need not sit in front of the screens during the process.

About The Free MP4 to VOB Converter

The Free MP4 to VOB Converter helps people convert MP4 files into VOB format and since the interface of the software is simple, users need not spend a lot of time and efforts for converting their files. Users can use the various functions and features of this tool for maintaining the quality of the converted files.

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