12, March 2016: No matter it is about reporting works, holding meetings or business negotiations, Airwheel S6 electric walkcar can be shown and act as an important role. Previously we know that S6 is very popular and convenient for many office workers for daily commuting. Now it can also be the handy personal vehicle shuttling back and forth in the office.


Weighing only 14kg, S6 mini self-balancing scooter is obviously lighter than the traditional two wheels scooters. People can lift S6 into the elevator, go upstairs and place it near their office desk. When you need to go to other offices, you can sit on it and move to your destination. This kind of appearance in the company attracts much admirable eyes.

There is a businessman who succeeds to finish a business negotiation with riding S6 electric motor. He stands on S6 to demonstrate his products in front of the screen, sits on S6 to have meetings with his customers and also sits on S6 to sign the contract with his customers. Both the appearance and the good functions can assist him to win the business. S6 shell adopts LEXAN as the main material. This material can reach up to the crystal-like transparency. Its visual effect cannot be ignored. A man with suit and tie matching this beautiful scooter to do works looks like very handsome and charming. He adjusts the operating arm to suit his different riding postures demand and uses his body to change the direction. All that he presents are his confidence for this cooperation.


S6 intelligent electric scooter can also be controlled wirelessly. The four buttons on the glittering remote key almost cover each commonly-used function. The inside Bluetooth transmission module can interact with App on the mobile phone so that it can be the considerate helper for business workers.

Now it is concluded that Airwheel S6 electric walkcar is the first choice of movable official business.

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