Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and various new hi-tech items are emerging to give people a comfort, make life more easy and also fun-filled. Byron Glass has given the world a great example of what technological advancement could mean by inventing in cooperation with his learned team what is called ‘the feel’. The feel is special kind of bodysuit the functions on a technology called the Haptic Feedback Technology. By wearing this suit the gamers can literally sense contact in video game all through their total body. Byron Glass has founded the company The Feel for Gaming LLC and now he is engaged in an effort to raise funds for Kickstarter Project Campaigning. Kickstarter is nothing other than a Creative project funding platform. The campaign supporters give complete shape to the various innovative projects, film-based, games, art, music, design and technology-based. The feel is an example of a technology-based kickstarter project which is being used as a fundraiser.

“We have designed the feel to give gamers the real feel of gaming. This innovative apparel churns up the entire body thus offering gamers with what may be called total body gaming. They go through a virtual gaming experience and feel that they have been gaming, their choicest games in reality. We are proud to engineer such a product which no one else had ever provided gamers with” says a team member

The feel bodysuit mechanism is based on recreation of Video game 3rd Sense and gamers who don the suit utterly enjoy gaming with their excitement crossing all the limits. Effective and skillful manipulation of Haptic Feedback Technology resulted in this innovative bodysuit and it was not done overnight. It was a cerebral exercise by an able team that consisted of Byron Glass, the founder, Head Engineer Devon Tackett. They have been working very hard to design the different components of the feel bodysuit, namely, the vest to cover upper body, gloves for hands, sleeves for arms, sockings for lower body, kicks for feet, mask for face and head. The above 6 components when used together will complete the feel bodysuit. Isaac Rhodes, Monroe-based Reboot Computer Enterprise Owner and his IT Technician team has been helping the feel team in executing the project they have in their mind and with all the funds they will possibly gather they will design all the components of the feel bodysuit.

“The feel will definitely be a very innovative bodysuit. I am a kickstarter supporter and I know what immense potential the kickstarter platform has in coming up with revolutionary products!” says one kickstarter supporter.

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