China - When it refers to the wearing for color of the hair extensions, the majority of beauties will not only limit themselves into the simple color appearance but also transfer their eyesight to the colorful expression of this hair product. This situation is not only reflected on the trend for hair extensions and people could also see this colorful scene in the traditional clothing stores and every corner of daily life. Although the popular hair extensions such as multicolor hair extensions have been recognized and accepted by public for any years, there are also some parts of people who do not know how to properly wear this. Today, the editor from website , best online seller for clip in hair extensions, will tell people the detailed steps about the wearing for this product.

At the first step, people must carefully comb their own hair into the situation of flexible. This step is very crucial for the whole wearing process of the clip in hair extension. The excellent and properly combing effect will let the last effect become more beautiful.

Second, people need to take and clip the position of the original hair piece where they want to wear the clip in clip in hair extensions . In this step, people must note that the amount of original hair they will clip need to large enough to cover the wig cap and it should be not too thick or the effect of the hair extension will not be better reflected on.

At the third step, people should quickly open the stealth hairpin clip of the hair extensions and clip it onto their own hair and fastened it. After this step, they need to use a comb to comb their hair extension and then adjust this part to the position which they think it is suitable.

At fourth step, people need to put the former clipped original hair down after they properly clip the hair extension. And then, they could carefully comb their hair extension into the smooth situation. This could let the wearing effect of the clip in hair extension become more honored.

The fifth step is specified for the short hair girls and women. The editor from website human hair extensions has said that girls who have short hair could modify and cut the hair extensions into their suitable length and then the effect of the hair extension wearing could be maxed. However, please pay more attention to remain length of colorful hair extensions a little bit longer than original hair.

After here, the introduction for wearing method for the color hair extensions is over. All steps are very simple. Each beauty could try to wear this product by own hand.


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