It's become evident that you can't just rank quickly anymore off of getting a bunch of backlinks and hoping you rank for a term. SEO marketing is now more than ever a strategic mathematical algorithm that you must carefully map out. It’s almost like playing a game of chess, but harder. You need to know what to do and what not to do or you could easily penalize your site and possibly ban it.

Over the years SEO has evolved into something far more than anyone could have imagined. The time where you could build links yourself and run your business is over. You need a full SEO team of people writing guest posts and submitting your site to relevant sites with good PA and history. Oh I forgot to mention making sure your keyword densities don’t get too high or your keywords will drop.

There are many different ways to marketing your website nowadays, but it doesn’t mean that they are all correct. Many sites are offering blog comments, forums links, pdf links, wiki links, when in fact all of them are generally spam with the occasional 1 out of 100 that aren’t. These types of marketing firms are in it to make a quick buck and move on to the next person.

What to look for when picking a SEO company

Many people have come to me and asked, how do I know what to do for my site? What SEO firms can I trust to rank me up? I have a simple answer for them all. First you start with which allows you to analyze your statistics and compare them with other sites. 2nd talk in the forums, ask questions, make sure you understand SEO before you start searching for a SEO firm and so you know what to expect.

The most affordable site doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best deal; make sure they are offering affordable white hat ethical tactics like offers and not just SEO like many firms do. Ask them to see rankings of their own site, ask them to talk to a referral, and check their site to make sure it has PA and PR. If all of these don’t check out positive then walk away. Do not use sites that guarantee SEO, because they are going to use unethical tactics and you do not want your website banned by