10, February 2015: You really can’t go wrong with something simple and beautiful. Deborah Cadby’s gold engagement rings are some of my favourites when it comes to using this precious metal, and with this design she has gone for the warmth of 22 carats.

4ct Cushion Diamond Ring, 22ct Gold by Deborah Cadby

The Synergy of Metal and Gemstone

When I met Deborah we discussed how the majority of her work is influenced by the gemstones she chooses, and with this design I can definitely see the link between the chosen metal and the diamond. The two complement each other perfectly and I could see L getting more and more excited as she discussed it with Deborah.

Since the beginning of our quest to find the perfect bespoke design, L and I agree that gold engagement rings have grown on us tremendously. L commented on the fact that the tone of the metal Deborah has used is beautiful enough in itself and definitely fits in with the minimalist tone of the design.

We both agreed that a more complicated design would have taken away from the stunning match between the brilliant diamond and yellow metal tone.

L is also a big fan of the simple setting Deborah has given the diamond to remove any attention being taken away from the natural feel of it. We were really taken with Deborah’s way of working and left feeling inspired and excited.

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