Since the 1970s, with the continuous development of continuous casting technology, continuous casting steel grade continues to expand, electromagnetic stirrer technology has more and more attention from people. 

Continuous casting process using electromagnetic stirrer is mainly used to improve the quality of continuous casting billet, such as removing inclusion, eliminate subcutaneous bubble, reduce center segregation and improve casting billet of isometric rate. Therefore, in the water hollow section large casting such as generous billet, big slab and casting quality requirements higher or easy occurrence quality problem of the steel grade, electromagnetic stirrer technology will be the first choice. 

According to the position of the mixing different, electromagnetic stirrer continuous casting can be divided into the mold electromagnetic stirrer (M - EMS), secondary cooling zone of electromagnetic stirrer (S - EMS), solidification end electromagnetic stirrer (F - EMS). 

At present, the billet continuous casting mold is widely applied electromagnetic stirrer, sometimes in order to further improve the quality, increase the solidification end electromagnetic stirrer, namely crystallizer and solidification end joint stirring. Application of slab continuous casting is more secondary cooling zone of electromagnetic stirrer. In recent years, the slab mold electromagnetic stirrer technology application gradually for all of the iron and steel enterprises to Japan, especially in the aspects of development and application is very active. 

Electromagnetic stirrer in continuous casting technology research began in the 1970 s, was developed to give priority to. From 80s start; Our country in the introduction of special steel casting machine and slab caster at the same time, the company has introduced in different position and different types of electric broken stirring device. After twenty years of research, development and digestion and absorption, our country in the field of electromagnetic stirrer has made great progress, now fully can afford agitator design, manufacturing and industrial application, just coil wire outer winding waterproof insulation film still need to be imported from abroad. 

Domestic electromagnetic stirrer and lifting magnet manufacturers are in a state of fierce competition, and foreign manufacturers for domestic stirrer market. 

In general, electromagnetic stirrer in the electromagnetic continuous casting technology development in the field of the most mature, the most widely used. At present the main problem is how to further improve the electromagnetic stirrer coil life. Agitator in the runtime coil fever, need to circulating water to cool. Due to the circulating water long soak and scour, coil surface membrane waterproofing and insulation film will gradually aging and failure, cause coil insulation performance decline and produce leakage. When the leakage current to a certain value when they need to repair the coil. 

Machinery network to use crystallizer cooling water of the built-in crystallizer for magnetic stirrer, the coil of the average life of about a year. Therefore, to adopt new technology to improve the service life of using coil is electromagnetic stirrer technology development trend.

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