With the 2015 general elections just days away, water quality and infrastructure are issues that will sway many farmers and agricultural workers when it comes to their votes.  But what are the issues that matter and how can farmers safeguard their water supplies, regardless of election outcomes?

Peterborough, UK.
With the main parties unveiling their manifestos, famers will be keeping a keen eye on those which address issues highlighted by the National Farmers Union in the run up to the big day.  The NFU has featured key aspects of water quality that should be addressed by any political party hoping to gain farming votes this May.

The NFU asserts that a co-ordination of the Nitrates Directive and Water Framework Directive planning cycles should be implemented.  As farmers are required to keep nearby water quality high, the directives do not work in conjunction with each other.  A scheme requiring less administration for farmers and one that is much more outcome-focused should be considered.

Political parties hoping to gain farming votes will also need to satisfy concerns surrounding mains water price rises.  Peterborough-based plastic water tank specialist, Enduramaxx, will continue to educate farmers on the benefits of rainwater harvesting tanks.  Rainwater tanks enable farmers to exploit the vast volumes of free water that runs off farming roofs.  Made from UV-stabilised polyethylene and constructed from a single, rotationally-moulded piece, rainwater is stored securely and in optimum conditions.

Farmers wishing to learn more about rainwater harvesting, rainwater tanks and plastic water tanks should visit www.enduramaxx.co.uk.

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