The sapphire engagement ring belonging to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has recently been found to be the most famous engagement ring in the world, and has, as a result, experienced a considerable hike in value.

The ring, presented by Prince William to his then girlfriend to symbolize their betrothal, boasts a 12-carat oval sapphire set in a 14-carat gold band and complemented by no less than fourteen solitaire diamonds. It was originally bought by Prince Charles, William’s father, to give to his future wife Diana, Princess of Wales.

At the time of purchase, the exquisite sapphire engagement ring in question was evaluated as being worth roughly £23000.00, a sum considered too lofty for the ring’s Ceylon blue sapphire topping. Today, however, the jewel is said to be worth a whopping £300000.00, a more than tenfold increase in value! Even accounting for the significantly different value of the pound nowadays compared to the early 1980s, these can still be considered impressive figures.

The ring’s rise to prominence is said, by experts quoted in leading press organizations, to be linked to Kate’s ‘quiet confidence’ as a public figure. The Duchess of Cambridge is considered to set an example, and be willing to lead as a style icon, justifying the added visibility the ring benefits from. However, the influence of the sapphire engagement ring’s previous owner, the late Princess of Wales who is still considered one of the greatest modern culture icons today — as well as its stylish, versatile blue stone, cannot be overlooked as having contributed to its popularity.

The choice of a blue sapphire by Prince Charles at the time was particularly significant, as this colour is very often associated with loyalty and royal status. Blue sapphires are also much appreciated for their versatility, which has helped make them one of the most popular alternatives to the standard diamond today.

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