Recently published “55 Funky Facts About Dinosaurs” is the fourth book in the very popular Dinosaur Books For Kids series written by The Dino Detective, available from the Amazon Kindle Store for the Kindle reader as well as many other digital reading devices.

Dinosaurs were probably the most amazing creatures to have ever walked on the surface of our planet Earth! They came in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some dinosaurs grew to be larger than a school bus, while others were only the size of a cat. Some had huge heads with a mouth full of giant teeth for eating the flesh of other dinosaurs, while others sported very long necks for eating the leaves from the tops of the tallest trees. Other dinosaurs were covered in a bony type of natural armour for protection. Finally you may be amazed to learn that some dinosaurs may have been covered with feathers!

In book 4 of the Dinosaur Books for Kids series called “55 Funky Facts about Dinosaurs”, you will learn just how truly amazing the dinosaurs really were by discovering the answers to question such as:

How Many Different Kinds Of Dinosaurs Where There?
Which Dinosaurs Have Been Found In The Most Places In The World?
Which Dinosaur Had The Largest Teeth?
Which Was The Smallest Of The Dinosaurs?
Which Dinosaur Could Run The Fastest?

And 50 more funky facts about dinosaurs, including over 50 terrific pictures of what we believe these dinosaurs may have actually looked like based on recent scientific research and fossil remains.

The creator and author of the this dinosaur books for kids series is a teacher and dinosaur enthusiast who prefers to use “The Dino Detective” instead of his real name because he feels like a detective as he searches for information for his next dinosaur book. His teaching background spans 30+ years, mostly working with children in the middle and upper elementary grades, so his expertise at writing books that children can enjoy and relate to is very evident once you obtain one of his popular dinosaur books.

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