China - Most of LED industry insiders should understand that human society already stepped into the era of LED lamps at 2014. With the promotion and popularization of LED lighting products such as the led high bay lights from famous China LED lighting products manufacturer and supplier, many businesses and individuals already slowly understand what are the benefits of LED light over traditional incandescent lamps. While there are still some manufacturers who could not accept the high price of LED lights, but LED lighting will replace all incandescent lamps sooner or later.

As the introduction of editor from China led high bay lighting manufacturer ZMM Group, the LED lamps have advantages of long service life, high energy saving, low pollution and others. This kind of lighting products are worthy of the new ¡°green light¡± of 21st century. However, with the growing different demand for LED lamps such as the LED street lights, the traditional single function LED lamps could not meet with people¡¯s colorful need any more. The traditional pure and clean energy LED lights could not change their color and brightness because of its mode of operation is still a traditional single-touch controlling type. In practical situation, people you do not need such high lighting level but the unchanging lighting of these LED products will be resulting in a waste of energy. This should be contrary to the original intention of green lighting.

Thus, in order to solve the former problem, the digital illuminated system has been created. The Digital LED semiconductor lighting is the semiconductor integrated LED lighting system which integrates the single-chip technology, computer network technology and a large massive database management technology. Through the computer network subsystem and remote data acquisition subsystem, the operator could achieve the real-time monitoring for lighting energy using, lamps running condition, operating environment such as network parameters, temperature and humidity. On the other hand, this system also provide with people exceptional operational states warning and the administrator can also easily control the partition of these LED lighting products such as LED STREET LIGHTS.

For the deeply analysis, people could find that the main figures of digital lighting are actually still the using of digital lighting LED lamps. However, relatively innovative way should be the changing of traditional switch. The newly controlling method could help each administrator easy to make the switch of lamps and people could also easily adjust the dimming color and brightness according to demand of people . And, according to the experimental data, the digital LED lighting system could help to achieve the further saving on lighting energy and people could also enjoy many personalized settings.

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