With the popularity of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, companies are recruiting heavily in order to have people manage their online profiles. Many industries have put less emphasis on traditional advertising and started focusing their efforts online. The goal of social media is to build bonds with a company’s client base and to ensure that they remain loyal to their brand.

“Social Media puts a face to your corporation” says Andy Fisher, a leading analyst in social media and communication Industries. He also states that “While being able to communicate with your client base was not possible in the past, social media now makes this possible.” Social media allows you to differentiate from the competition and this has proven to be a valuable advantage.

The beauty of social media jobs is that they allow you to work from home and this alone makes the job very attractive to individuals. Employers have a hard time recruiting quality talent since the wrong person can make or break a company’s reputation. One badly worded post can have unintended consequences. Since a large portion of the companies hiring are located all over the world, there is no requirement to travel and you can stay at home working during the hours you want.

The education industry is starting to tailor some programs towards social media. For example, Colleges now have degrees in social media advertising and online marketing.

Depending on the companies you work for, the amount that you receive for social media management can vary. Industry standards state that the average contract is usually upwards of $500 per week. Social media managers on average usually have 5 contracts per month.

Many online social media management training programs have popped up but none remain more reputable than the paid social media jobs program. The program is both a job training centre and a recruiting centre for large and small companies. Applicants have access to the vast variety of training information and once they feel they are ready, they can apply to the job listings.

At Legit Social Media Jobs , they explain about different paid social media related jobs and which ones are right for you.

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