Shenzhen - When we talk about the motorbike or the auto parts, the ATV parts, Scooter parts and other kind of motorcycle parts are very familiar with us. But which part of them is the crucial thing for us? As we all know, the helmet is one kind of the important Motorcycle Parts which could protect the safety and life of the pilot in the normal driving condition especially in the car accident. The helmet is the key to keep our life. But nowadays, the bad quality helmet has obtained large market share for their cheap price. This kind of situation has brought huge hidden trouble to the safety of the motorcycle and electric vehicle drivers. Today the , which is an online purchasing website for the high quality Dirt Bike Parts, Go Kart Parts, Pocket Bike Parts and other motorcycle parts with the proper price, will give us some analysis for the market.

For the research from the moto parts outlet market, we could find that there are a dozen motorcycle accessories stores along the street and all kinds of helmet were in front of our eyes. We could also see the Scooter Parts, Dirt Bike Parts and other kind of accessories,In terms of the retail prices, the 30 RMB helmet accounted for sixty percent of the market. The cap helmet, which the cheapest price is only 7RMB, was made of a thin layer of plastic without the buffer layer. The shape of this kind of helmet is similar to half a hollowing watermelon. When we have squeezed gently with hand, the shape of the helmet has been changed. This helmet can sell more than 10 every day.

The sales of other high price and high quality helmet were not good. Some traffic policemen have told us that the motorcycle on the road is with the poor stability and extremely easy to overthrow. Once the accident was happened, the most dangerous part is the head of the driver. If the driver put on the unqualified helmets, the poor quality helmet would be not only has not has the function of protection but also sometimes the fragments would be inserted into the drivers’ head with the intense collision.

The traffic police had reminded us that the helmet is the driver's safety protector. And they hope everyone should use the qualified helmet. Not only for the Dirt Bike Parts such as the helmet, but also other parts of the motorbike is important. So we need to be careful for purchasing of the ATV Parts, Scooter Parts, Dirt Bike Parts and Go Kart Parts.

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