16 April 2013 — PA, United State; When it comes to modern history, very few cities or counties can actually claim that they had one take place right in their own front yard, so to speak. One place that can lay claim to having one of the modern world’s most recent historical events is the Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

For many people, September 11, 2001 started out just like any other day. Being a work day, most were either on the way to the office or are already on their work stations. Nobody thought even for just one second that it would already be the last day of their lives. On that day, more than a thousand people lost their lives at the World trade Center. More than 40 more were lost on the fields of Shanksville in Somerset County when the said passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 crashed the plane in order to prevent the hijackers from taking the plane and crashing it at the SU Capitol Building.

That is not, however, the first time that Somerset County became involved in a historic event. In 1794, Somerset served as the stage for the Whiskey Rebellion. Another global event that took place in Somerset was in 2002 when nine miners were trapped for more than 70 hours at the Quecreek coal mine.

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