ATLANTA — In response to the growing demand for a safe and convenient way to dispose of household prescription (Rx) and over the counter (OTC) drugs, The Council on Alcohol and Drugs (The Council) is donating a Drug Drop Box in virtually every county in the state that requested one (128 counties to date.) In partnership with local law enforcement agencies The Council is also launching a statewide Drug Drop Box Media Campaign to publicize the presence of the boxes across the state.

The goals of this program are to keep Rx and OTC drugs from getting into the hands of children and grandchildren, keep them off the street, and prevent overdoses and accidental poisonings.

At the same time the Campaign also allows citizens to dispose of their out of date and unwanted Rx and OTC drugs safely and securely, avoiding environmental contamination via improper disposal methods. This campaign has been named, “Operation Drug Drop Off”.

Items that can be placed in these secure drug drop boxes include expired and unused Rx (non-narcotics and narcotics), and OTC drugs, medication samples, medicated ointment/lotion, drops, inhalers, unopened epi-pens, herbals, and veterinary medications. Items that should not be placed in the boxes include needles or sharps, biohazard materials, and illegal drugs.

Citizens can locate their closest drug drop box location by visiting this website: or contact their Sheriff’s or local law enforcement office. For additional information or questions concerning “Operation Drug Drop Off”, please contact John Bringuel at (404) 223-2484 or email Mr. Bringuel at [email protected]

For more information on preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse please visit

For more information, contact:
John Bringuel
Statewide Project Director
Georgia Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Initiative
The Council on Alcohol and Drugs
(404) 223-2484
[email protected]