China - Since the reform and opening of China, with the rapid development of urban construction, some of the overhead lines of the urban areas of cities have been gradually replaced by the rg59 with power cable. In some of the developed cities, the 10kV, 35kV or 110kV and 220kV overhead electric lines have all changed by the utp cat5e power cables. In the initial stage of construction for some projects, they were all used the rg59 with power cable.

This kind of situation has enhanced the development for the industry of power cable. The king-tone is typical company for this area. This company is the professional coaxial cable manufacturer and the solar panel manufacturer. Today, the manager of this company would introduce you the advantage of the power cable. If you want to have more detail about this, you could browse the website which is the official website for the king-tone.In recent years, with the rapid growth of the urban load, the requirements of the city residents for the reliability of power supply has rising. On the other hand, the urban planning and construction appearance has become more and more important for the government.

With the rapid development of China's cities, the overhead lines have exposed many uncoordinated contradictions to the Urban Development. So we need to take some measurements to change our electric network. The reform for the power cable is the typical example for the improvement.

Although the  solar panel manufacturer  line construction has high investment costs and even the several times for the overhead lines, because of strong adaptability of been laid under the ground and not occupy the area of the  space and it is conducive to the city appearance. On the other hand, the same underground cable channel can accommodate the multi- circuit transmission line. The rg59 with power cable under the ground could not be influenced by the natural conditions and the surrounding environment. It also has the high reliability of power supply. The cable would be hidden underground which could ensure the personal security. The cable line operation and maintenance costs are relatively smaller that the overheads electric line.    

With the city's economic development, the  utp cat5e  will be replace more and more overhead lines of the urban power distribution network with its incomparable superiority. On the other hand, the power cable manufacturers would have more opportunities in the future. We look forward to that the construction of the pipe network underground can provide with us a perfect solution for the growing tension in the line path and urban congestion. Only in that way could we have a beautiful and reasonable layout city in the future.

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