Tattoo removal clinics in Victoria get a chance to boost their profits.

Melbourne, April 18, 2015: The Clean Slate announces our Melbourne tattoo removal page ( continues to attract significant numbers of visitors for the the clinics advertising on that page. The page has attracted a full complement of three clinics, who will benefit from traffic as the page’s prominence grows.

The Clean Slate: Melbourne page offers clinics the chance to increase their business through attracting tightly targeted customers who are searching for tattoo removal and ready to pay for it. The page is optimized for search terms related to finding tattoo removal in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

For now the company’s focus remains on boosting our presence in search engine rankings for logical search terms for people seeking tattoo removal in cities throughout Australia.

Quotes attributable to The Clean Slate co-founder Sam Daniels:
“If you are looking for tattoo removal in Melbourne will you are certainly in look because we've got a page of options especially for you here( On our Melbourne page we've got listings of the best clinics available in this area. Each of these clinics good for personal seal of approval and can remove your tattoo effectively and safely.

“Now if it's the first time visiting us, I just want to tell you little bit about our site. Firstly we're Australia's top tattoo removal resource and our main reason for existing is simply to bring clients together, to help both achieve their objectives. We are midway through assembling the best directory of tattoo removal clinics.

“If you are a tattoo removal business please don't hesitate to contact us via the email below about getting yourself listed on our Melbourne page. We're confident we can help you generate more customers and boost your business. So thanks for watching another Clean Slate video and we look forward to helping you out with your tattoo removal needs.”

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Sam Daniels, co-founder, The Clean Slate: Australia’s top tattoo removal resource
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