The Clean Slate goes live. Tattoo removal clinic directory site goes live, covering all of Australia

Melbourne, April 3, 2015: The Clean Slate announces our directory site ( has now gone live and has begun taking paid listings from tattoo removal clinics throughout Australia.

During the beta stage of the site, several clinics took on free listings on The Clean Slate: Australia’s Top Tattoo Removal Resource(, but the company has now transitioned to a paid listing model.

As at time of writing, the site has 11 paid live listings in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Geelong, Ballarat, Wollongong and other centres in Australia. Clinics are reporting a strong flow of customer leads from the listings and our analytics shows us good numbers of customers clicking through from our site to our advertisers’ clinics.

Through the aim of bringing tattoo removal clients and clinics together, The Clean Slate continues to add clinics in Australian capital cities and regional centres and invites clinics wishing to list to register their interest with us via the email: [email protected]

Traffic numbers for the site continue to grow. In coming months, The Clean Slate hopes to release more data on traffic numbers and the geographic and demographic profile of visitors. Through blog and FAQ sections and the company’s presence in social media, The Clean Slate is adding to its audience and engagement with Australia’s tattoo removal community.

For now the company’s focus remains on boosting our presence in search engine rankings for logical search terms for people seeking tattoo removal in cities throughout Australia.

For more details or for comment or interview, please contact:
Sam Daniels, co-founder, The Clean Slate: Australia’s top tattoo removal resource

Sam Daniels
The Clean Slate
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Melbourne, VIC 3000
[email protected]