Arkansas, June 21, 2014: When people name a city or a town, in most cases, they do so in honor of a certain person or a certain event. There are some cases where the name of a city comes from a flourishing of something, or a translation of a descriptive word. Very few have their names come from something as simple as a hallway. Such is somewhat the case of Whitehall in Arkansas. 

The city of Whitehall actually got its name from a Methodist church building. Located right within the Jefferson County, the city of Whitehall boasts of a population of more than 5,500 as of 2010. As small as this city might seem, it has been growing in popularity among tourists due to the fact that it is strategically located near such tourist attractions as the Arkansas Wine Country, the Beaver Bridge, the Mountain Fire Tower, the Pedestal Rocks, the Cane Creek State Park, the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame, the Arkansas River Visitors Center, and the Hillcrest Historic District. 

With so many places that you have to go to, it is recommended that you make sure you have a place to stay in at the end of the day. Fortunately, there are a number of hotels in White Hall AR that you can choose from. One of these hotels near Little Rock National Airport is the American Inn & Suites Whitehall AR. 

If you would be staying at the American Inn & Suites Whitehall AR, some of the amenities and conveniences that you can expect would include access to cable/ satellite TV, free local calls, refrigerator and microwave in each of the rooms, access to wireless Internet, and free local calls. 

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