Spain - When the domestic consumers are busy with buying the foreign products from the purchasing website, some Chinese living abroad has set off another purchasing trend which we also called it reverse purchasing. We all have the common feeling that the through the agent purchasing is only related with the buying for the foreign brand items. But nowadays, the reverse purchasing is about that the foreigner or the Chinese who living abroad buys the China products from the China purchase agent. As we all know, the Free Shopping China is a famous China purchase Service Agent as well as English Taobao Agent.

The URL of this website is and it provides with people especially the foreigners who want to buy the China’s products. When the overseas Chinese immigrants want to in the purchase of goods of their motherland, they have to meet with many troubles. They cannot buy the accustomed domestic products and their preference products for a particular brand. In the abroad, they could rarely have the professional books of the Chinese version. They could not buy the right size of clothing and shoes.

For the online platform of the China purchase agent such as the taobao shopping service, the overseas Chinese now could purchase the Chinese products only by the click by their fingers. The Free Shopping China is the typical example of this kind of website.  In the past, due to the returning to home is not so easy and the inconvenience of the international postal, many overseas Chinese would take a box full of home food and Chinese books in the end of the visit to their home. Whenever miss my home, some of the overseas Chinese would get some good food from their home out and they would feel immediately better.

Miss Wang, who lives in Denmark, has said that she had bought many Chinese traditional food seasonings from the taobao agent  . And now, she could cook the dish of her motherland by herself. The living in a foreign country will not feel so bitter. For the information we have introduced with you, you could find that there are wide prospects of the reverse acquisition website such as the Free Shopping China  and other Taobao agent.

Currently, there are about 50 million overseas Chinese live abroad. The business opportunities which brought about by such the huge potential consumer groups are huge. With the constant improvement of the functions of the online shopping platform such as the Free Shopping China, the purchasing sites springing up generally. The future of these websites will become brighter.

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