Are you the proud owner of a spoiled Chihuahua? These tiny, pocket-sized canines make the perfect companions. They are loving, affectionate, playful and oftentimes prefer spending time in the lap of their owner rather than running around the house. If you are looking to show your Chihuahua how much you care and appreciate them, you'll be pleased to hear that the Chihuahua Wardrobe offers new apparel and accessories to style your pooch.

Let's face it, there are dozens of websites and online retailers with basic dog clothes for sale. The problem with most of these, however, is that the fact that they aren't tailored specifically for the needs of a Chihuahua. You have to remember that Chihuahuas are considered the smallest dog breed in the world; therefore clothes that fit well on other dogs may be too large for their pocket-sized bodies. The Chihuahua Wardrobe set out to to solve this problem by creating a convenient and hassle-free way for owners to spoil their Chihuahuas with high-quality clothes at discount prices.

Whether you are looking for a shirt, sweater, hoodie or even pajamas to spoil your beloved Chihuahua with, chances are you can find it at The Chihuahua Wardrobe. During their first year of being online, the site offered a somewhat limited selection of basic dog shirts and sweaters. They quickly realized, however, that many owners wanted other types of clothes. As a result, the site's owners set out to increase their store category pages. Not long after, they were receiving over a hundred visitors a day looking to purchase cute and adorable Chihuahua clothes, apparel, accessories and more.

At first glance, you might be wondering why exactly owners purchase clothes for their Chihuahuas. After all, it's not like these little canines require clothes to go about their daily routines. Going back to the history of the Chihuahua, this tiny breed originated in the warm, humid climates of Northern Mexico. As a result, they tolerate hot temperatures quite well but unfortunately not so well in cold temperatures. Depending on where you live, something as simple as a warm sweater or thick shirt could offer a valuable layer of protection against the cold winter and fall temperatures.

If you choose to purchase Chihuahua clothes from The Chihuahua Wardrobe or any other canine apparel store, it's important to take the time to locate the right size. While most Chihuahuas weigh somewhere between 2-5 pounds, there are others that weigh more and some that weigh less. If you haven't done so already, use a tape measure to get the exact chest measurements and length of your Chihuahua. You can then use these measurements to choose the appropriate-sized clothing.

Another little tip that many owners will find useful is to give your Chihuahua a treat anytime you choose to dress them up in a new shirt or outfit. Some Chihuahuas (or any dogs for that matter) may be hesitant of clothes. You can wisk away their worries, however, by giving them a milk bone when you dress them up. These are just a few of the recommendations given by The Chihuahua Wardrobe.

Jennifer Mitchell
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