China - During these years developing, the Chinese products have already penetrated into the mind of most of foreign. These three countries are only the typically example for this kind of popular trend. People in other countries should not deny that Chinese products are the mainstream in their countries.

From the traditional shoes clothing to children's toys, from home appliances to 4G wireless network card, the Chinese manufacturing has been spread almost everywhere in Russia. During these years¡¯ development, the products from China have become the first choice for people who are living in foreign land. In that case, the English taobao agent such as which is the best online platform for China wholesale has became more and more popular. Today, the reporter from this website would tell people the situation of cheap Chinese product in other countries.

The Economic and Commercial Counselor in Chinese Embassy in Russia has said that the 60% to 70% of exporting volume of english taobao agent China's merchandise for Russia are electromechanical and high-tech products. In addition to traditional consumer electronics products, Chinese has also exported to Russia for sets of equipment such as engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and so on. Overall, in terms of the structure of trade, product quality or from the degree of localization of production, the performance of Chinese goods in the Russian market has had constantly improving. On the other hand, there are also many Russia who prefer to buy from china and the best way for them to achieving this goal is the online seller such as idealmalls.

In Japan, the Made in China has already infiltrated the Japanese daily life. In recent years, the Japanese¡¯s economy has been in deflation and the commodity price index did not have any rising but the market's consumption and per capita income has been declined. As the low economic growth and the rising of unemployment, the market consumption is very low especially for low-income household whose purchasing power is clearly insufficient. However, the direct beneficiaries of China wholesale are the low-income groups in Japan.

In Egypt, the price of Chinese products has a great advantage. According to the statistics of Chinese buy from china Economic and Commercial Counselor Embassy in Egypt, from January 2010 to October, the trade volume between the Egypt and China was 5.84 billion dollars of which China¡¯s exporting volume is about 4.99 billion dollars. The main products from China to Egypt are the electrical, mechanical and textiles. The cheap Chinese product such as China factory manufacturing and OEM manufacturing product has became more and more extensive around other countries.

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