General benefits a US Veteran can expect when purchasing a property through Housing Assist of America

• Full access to all resources of a full service real estate firm and our agents.
• Detailed explanation of entitled mortgage loan benefits through the VA and Cal Vet.
• Zero down payment and virtually no out of pocket closing costs.
• No additional monthly MI payment.
• Housing Assist of America will negotiate to have the seller credit the VA funding fee associated with the transaction, saving the verteran thousands of dollars.
Housing Assist of America is partnered with a full service real estate firm that specializes in REO and short sale transactions. Through the combined experience of our expert staff of realtors, negotiators and underwriters, we have been able to structure home sales so that a qualified Veteran can acquire a property with virtually no out of pocketcosts.
Industry leaders agree that we are in a buyers market, however even FHA financing requires a minimum 3% down payment which many do not have. Along with the down payment, most FHA purchase loans have hefty mortgage insurance premiums that are paid monthly on top of the principal, interest, taxes and fire insurance, that are required from every homeowner.

In contrast, veterans that purchase one of our properties can expect zero down payment, minimal out of pocket costs and no monthly mortgage insurance premiums! We even negotiate to have the VA funding fee covered by the seller. To put it plainly, Housing Assist of America is committed to helping vets and their families acquire distressed properties for thousands of dollars below market value with virtually no cash due at closing. There has never been a better time for the dedicated men and women of our armed forces to achieve the American dream.
• Maximum loan amounts of $521,250
• Low cost Disaster Indemnity Coverage (protection against loss due to floods and earthquakes)
• Life Insurance Protection which provides for 1 to 5 years of principal and interest installments in the event of death
• Average of 30 day process for loan!!!


30 yr loan in the amount of 165,000

CalVet/Dream Loan @ 5.95% 1,299.98 (piti)

USAA (conventional loan) @ 4.75% 1,344.82 (piti + monthly mi)

FHA @ 5.35% 1,382.82 (piti + monthly mi)

The CalVet loan does not have a monthly mortgage insurance payment!!