China - Recently, there is the very popular news on the Internet which is that the lights from LED bulb will greatly harm the retina and even lead to blindness of people. Do LED lights really hurt eyes of people? Today, the specialized engineer from famous led high bay manufacturer and supplier will explain with people the truth of this news.

During each people's daily life, many home interior bulbs, lamps, ceiling lamps and mining lamps and other outdoor landscape lights are usually the LED lights. LED lights are the lighting products which apply the light-emitting diodes. This kind of lighting product is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than other common incandescent lamps. According to the carefully introduction by the engineer from the famous China LED high bay lights manufacturer and supplier, these white lighting LED PRODUCTS IN TODAY'S market and city construction are all products by the able the blue LED chip. The origination of the white light is the function of yellow phosphor covering. The news said that the led high bay lights should be the main reason which could do damage to human retina.

In fact, the blue ray is very commonly in people's daily lives. These commonly appearing devices such as LED lights, computer monitors, mobile phones, digital products and other liquid crystal displays are all contain the blue lights. In fact, people do not fear about these so-called blue lights. If there have hazards and other badly effects, each people will totally get the hardly eye illness. However, what circumstances could cause into the eye disease by the Blu-ray.

Based on national standards, the eye risk caused by the blue lights could be totally divided into four levels. The first level is the non-hazardous level which followed by the class of dangerous level. Second should be the Class 2 dangerous and the last should be the three categories which is the high risk level, which the lighting in an instant and few seconds can cause irreversible damage to people's eyes. The so-called blue light hazard refers to blue radiance which reaches to Class 2 or Class 3 dangerous level. The blue lights in these high risk levels will cause into great damage to people's eyes in a very short period of time.

However, the blue lights from the LED high bay lights from famous China manufacturer are very safety in the blue lighting range.


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