The bizarre truth of a hardcore romantic revealed on Emotional Atyachaar 4

~ Watch the scandalous dreadful tale which will appall you ~

Nikita is a fun loving, bold girl from Delhi. But what sets her apart is that she is a rapper too. Nikita recently experienced the most disastrous incident of her life when her romantic boyfriend’s not so romantic acts were revealed to her.

Nitin was a hardcore romantic whose simplicity stole Nikita’s heart away and the two soon started dating. But his neighbor Prerna, who Nikita referred to as “chewing gum” was a suspicious character in her eyes.

When Nitin fell ill, Nitika learnt that his neighbor Prerna had been taking care of him. Taking no chance, Nikita immediately called his mother who sent Mausiji, Nitin’s care taker, to them. While she thought that Prerna was no longer her worry with Mausiji being around, her worst nightmare was about to come true.

Nikita however, was still suspicious. The biggest shocker came to her was when discovered that Nitin had an attraction for older women.  She decided to self-investigate and take her revenge. She found out some of the most appalling truths that were shocking enough to move her conscience.

How will Nikita get herself out of this sickening feeling? Will she be able to take revenge and get out of this ugly situation?


To find out the Nikita’s fate, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday, 9th March 2013, at 7pm only on bindass!


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