When may be the very best time to purchase an underground storm shelter or above ground tornado safe room? Does it even matter?When the weather is good out, the children are out of school, you'll find activities to complete and you believe for the time getting you have dodged the bullet; "storm season" so-to-speak is months away and you think you have a lot of time to take into consideration preparing for the next storm season or getting a storm shelter or tornado safe room...

That is fine and all until the next severe weather siren goes off and everybody rushes towards the phone, all wanting to order their storm shelter or tornado safe room now!

Here's the problem with that circumstance:

Unfortunately, a storm shelter isn't a hamburger; it is not something you'll be able to put together and have prepared within several minutes or hours...

Storm shelters and tornado safe rooms are large, heavy units that demand precision in their develop to make sure they conform to FEMA needs and that they will withstand an EF-5 tornado. As a way to produce such an unit, a big factory with heavy machinery and skilled workers is needed and only a lot of units may be produced at a single time, provided the amount of supplies, space, labor and expense involved (among other issues).

Understanding Production of Storm Shelters & Tornado Safe Rooms

Because demand relies quite a bit on the severity of the weather and previous storms, you'll find times of year which can be typically slower (when the factory can create more units than are requested) and then other times of year when it is the reverse, where demand exceeds the production ability of the factory (like this last March and April, in particular). Like any business subject to such huge swings in demand, it is difficult to know when demand is going to spike and how many workers you're going to need or have to lay off.

Ideally, you'd keep a well-trained, experienced production crew on the payroll all year round, but with the huge swings in demand, it could be virtually impossible as for part of the year you'd have to pay them to do nothing (because you don't need to generate as several units) which of course no business can afford to do. But on the contrary, if you only have a crew that can handle the slower instances of the year, you get really backed up as you can't get product out fast enough and your workers are on the clock 16 hours a day (which creates other problems, not to mention the additional stress on the machinery and other systems). So in order to cope, you end up having to bring on more people to handle the demand spikes, but trying to find people who are qualified and experienced for that kind of work and willing and able to work at that time (ie, not employed somewhere else) when a storm suddenly hits a month early, for example, can cause months of delays...So it really is a little bit tricky and not an exact science. The spiked demand for orders might last a few days from one close call, or maybe a supercell hits and orders last for weeks or a month. Or even worse, multiple supercells hit in different parts of the country all around the same period of time and Everybody it seems wants a storm shelter or tornado safe room all at the same time, making it hard to just answer the phone, let alone create storm shelters.As you are able to imagine, those times of year are the periods of time you would like to prevent. Now, if you're just not able to get your storm shelter or safe room ordered until that period, just be prepared for potentially long days without any real idea of exactly when your storm shelter or tornado safe room will get to you. As just mentioned, sometimes these demand peaks don't last too long and production is able to catch up quickly. But if you are able to at all avoid it, you should!

Just like in the investing world, when every person jumps on and wants to purchase some thing, you probably should have already bought. And it's the same with purchasing your storm shelter - you would like to accomplish the opposite of the masses.

So instead of waiting till the last minute to place your order, do your research now, plan your finances out now or contact us if you need financing, but you want to order your storm shelter or tornado safe room when everyone else isn't - before the storms threaten!

In other words, when you're NOT thinking about severe weather or thunder storms, that's a good time to order your tornado shelter or safe room. Why? Because you'll be able to get your underground storm shelter or above ground tornado safe room within a matter of days or weeks as opposed to possibly months... This way you're prepared for the typically worst part of the storm season when it arrives, giving you peace of mind and security, instead of fear, worry and uncertainty.The most effective instances of year to buy your underground storm shelter or above ground tornado safe room is June through October and December through January or so. This is typically the most effective time of year, however, should a huge storm develop and cause damage during a single of these months, it of course no longer applies because demand will shoot through the roof. Right after storm season, we may still be catching up orders from the demand spike but the months mentioned above are a good rule of thumb.

The truth is you never know exactly when a tornado will strike, which is why you don't wish to place off ordering your tornado safe room or tornado safe rooms - even when the weather out is pleasant! Make sure your family is secure and has peace of mind BEFORE the following outbreak of severe weather hits...