NY — History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon, Napoleon Bonaparte once said. “Though we practically do not have much to do with past events, future events are very important, especially if it is related to one’s business”. Getting information about these events can be particularly difficult, but not when there is a reliable company like NY Media Technologies LLC, who are the publishers for NYEventsList.com, around.

NY Media Technologies has tie-ups with more than a hundred event organizers to ensure that all events like conferences and symposia are well attended. The next big event promoted by them is the “Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference” on 24th April 2014, which is fast selling, and might be sold out even as we read.

A major leap towards customer service taken by NY Media Technologies LLC is their recent tie up with Boston Media Technologies. This will ensure that all the loopholes and gaps that exist now in event management are filled, for both the customer and the managers. In addition to this, this move will help integrate data about events across Boston, San Francisco and New York and surrounding areas, thus ensuring the highest level of service for clients.

For more details and to register for Global Real Estate Crowd funding Conference 2.0 in NYC on April 24th 2014″, visit http://ny-global-crowdfunding-realestate.eventbee.com

About NY Events list:

Nyeventslist.com is a leading portal for updates and promotion of local community events. The lists have a collection of events in and around New York City. Be it workshops, seminars, conferences or symposia, all the information is available here. Nyeventslist.com is operated and maintained by New York Media Technologies LLC.

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