China - Taffeta material is one kind of high end fabric for the high quality wedding dresses and Bridesmaid Dresses . Most of wedding dresses purchaser must have the puzzle about what is Taffeta and what are the characteristics of this kind of dresses fabric. Now, the editor from famous prom dresses online seller will introduce with people basically knowledge about this high end evening dresses fabric.

Taffeta which is also known as Taffeta silk is one kind of plain weave fabric. This kind of plain weave fabric is very high end. The warp applies the complex twist silk and weft yarns apply the single twist silk. The fabric density of the taffeta is very high and it belongs to one kind of most closely silk fabric in the same category and species.

The features of the taffeta silk should be fine, clean and smooth surface, flat and beautiful appearance, shiny, tight fabric density, stiff touch feeling but this fabric should be easy to produce the permanent crease after folding. Therefore, the wedding dresses and evening dresses which produced by this kind of materials could not be folded for storage and the commonly package method should be the reel tube.

There are many varieties of taffeta fabric. The editor from gives people the detailed classification about them.

The first category depends on the materials. So, they could be totally divided into silk taffeta, silk double taffeta, cotton interwoven taffeta, silk taffeta latitude, rayon taffeta, polyester taffeta and so on.

The second classification should be based on weaving process, which could be divided into plain taffeta, flash color taffeta, stripe taffeta, jacquard taffeta and so on.

The plain dyed taffeta fabric cooked by the single color silk weaving. The flash taffeta silk applies the warp and weft of the different colors, therefore, these woven fabrics could form the flash effect. The stripe taffeta makes the use of different colored silk warp and they are association by law which could help to weave into the formation of the lattice effect. At last, the jacquard taffeta which is also known as flower taffeta is very fine, clean and tight. The surface of this kind of taffeta which will be used for making the wedding dresses and prom dresses is very flat, smooth and delicate. The color of this kind of taffeta fabric is very bright and the dust is not easy to cover this fabric.

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