Hartebees lodges are among the top type of accommodation that holiday makers to the Hartebees area are looking for, this is particularly true of the international visitors to the Hartebees area who are looking for that authentic African experience. Hartebees lodges as well as bed and breakfast Hartbeespoort style accommodation is especially sought after and generally tends to get booked out first before any other style of accommodation is even halfway through being booked out.

The attraction of Hartebees lodges is almost self evident, unless of course you have never ever been to Africa or even seen what the potential might be like on your television screens. Staying at Hartebees lodges guarantees a true African bush veld experience in the wild, the entire area around the Hartebees area is filled with historical sites as well as being one of the centres of archaeological discoveries. Maropeng, the cradle of mankind is only a few kilometres away from the Hartebees lodges so staying at an authentic bush veld lodge and then travelling the relatively short distances to Maropeng to explore the impressive and significant archaeological as well as palaeoanthropological discoveries is not only easy but a real pleasure.

Hartebees lodges are based on the traditional hunting lodges that were prevalent in the entire area particularly during the great trek as well as the gold rush era that proceeded it. The entire area is filled with amazing historical sites as well as littered with thousands of remnants from the many battles that were fought in the area, some of the Hartebees lodges go very far back and some of them even date from the time of the first settlers in the area.

This is one of the main reasons why the Hartebees lodges are so popular because you will be guaranteed to leave with fantastic memories as well as experience what it really means to be in the heart of the great African bush, you will be reminded o great African stories like jock of the bush Veld and Alan Quartermain and other great African adventure stories from the past, although Jock of the Bush veld actually happened.

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