If you ever plan to visit Australia, you definitely shouldn’t miss Melbourne, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful and fascinating Australian cities. It is the second biggest in Australia, attracting millions of visitors every year. When it comes to choosing the most suitable Melbourne accommodation, there is a wide range of options for you, whether you are travelling alone, with your friends or your family. From high class hotel to low budget accommodation, there is something suitable for everyone’s budget and preference. Nowadays, many tourists prefer renting short stay apartments due to many advantages. One of them refers to the budget. They are much cheaper than staying at a hotel. To add more, many people consider this form of accommodation cozier and that’s why they tend to choose it. So, if you want to feel like home, you could some of the multiple Melbourne serviced apartments.


Visiting a new city is always a fascinating experience and I’m sure you’ll say the same about visiting Melbourne. This city has plenty of options to offer, even to the pickiest clients who have visited many countries so far. Some of the most popular sights which attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year are: Melbourne Museum, the Puffing Billy Steam Train, Philip Island Penguin Parade, Aquarium etc. To add more, there are all sorts of events that you could attend, according to the season of your holiday. For example, in September, many tourists are interested in attending the Australian Football League. For other tourists who are into music and enjoy going to music festivals, there is the opportunity to attend some of the most popular music festivals that are being organized annually. Besides these, there are more other arts festivals which attract millions of visitors every year. All in all, there is a wide range of celebrations, festivals and opportunities for every type of tourist who wants to get in touch with the Australian spirit and culture.


Finding a suitable accommodation is quite easy because there are a lot of options for every budget and for every preference. Regarding the Melbourne serviced apartments, the best way to book an apartment is through online. Most of the apartments provided have the following facilities: large rooms, high quality furnishing in every room, TV cable, a modern kitchen with cooking range, washing machine, king sized beds in bedrooms, Internet connection, iron board, a telephone and gym or swimming pool facilities. You will make your staying as comfortable as possible and you will have the opportunity to perform the same activities like you do at your house. Nowadays, more and more tourists choose these Melbourne serviced apartments because they want to enjoy all the facilities at affordable prices.


Short stay apartments represent a type of accommodation suitable for those tourists who cannot afford too much money to spend on hotels. It is regarded as a cost-effective accommodation, providing clients with convenience and a high degree of privacy. To add more, most of the apartments provided are furnished with all the necessary elements, offering clients a cozy and comfortable condition. Due to these aspects and other ones, more and more tourists opt for short stay apartments when they’re travelling with their families or friends.

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